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The Board

  • Ernst Gouws Chairperson

    Ernst is a social entrepreneur with a passion for education. He has been involved in several community education programmes since 2018 and was appointed as Acorn Education’s chairperson in October 2020.

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  • Jana du Plooy Executive Board Member

    Jana started her career by graduating with a LLB degree from Stellenbosch University before qualifying as an Attorney…

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  • Barbara Lee Executive Board Member

    Barbara has a significant track record in public sector management consulting including long term projects with the Western and Eastern Cape.

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  • Dr Abraham De Villiers Executive Board Member

    Abraham has worked in urban education his entire career. As an educator in an urban setting, his primary focus was to provide an excellent education to underprivileged students from low-income communities.

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  • Anco Booysen Non-executive Board Member

    Anco has over 15 years’ experience in management consulting for public sector, non-profits and corporate clients.

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  • Nadine Moodie Non-Executive Member

    Nadine Moodie is a business strategist and communications specialist, with experience in corporate governance.

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  • Nicola Harris  Non-Executive Member

    Nicola Harris is the founder of The Click Foundation, an education NGO premised on the belief that well-implemented technology can close the significant education deficit in South Africa in an efficient, cost-effective and scalable manner.

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