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  • Anco Booysen CEO

    Anco has over 15 years’ experience in management consulting for public sector, non-profits and corporate clients.

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  • Barbara Lee CFO

    Barbara has a significant track record in public sector management consulting including long term projects with the Western and Eastern Cape.

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  • Dr Abraham De Villiers Head of Education

    Abraham has worked in urban education his entire career. As an educator in an urban setting, his primary focus was to provide an excellent education to underprivileged students from low-income communities.

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  • Belinda Rhodes Operations Coordinator

    Belinda joined Acorn Education in April 2017. Belinda brings with her extensive work experience across various industries.

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  • Alvilene Taylo van der Linde Community Liaison Officer

    Alvilene joined the Acorn Education Team in July 2019 and is currently the Community Liaison Officer.

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  • Anita Arendse HR Manager

    Anita joined Acorn Education in January 2019 as HR Manager. She is responsible for the full HR portfolio for Acorn Education.

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  • Asanda Nanise Finance Manager

    Asanda joined Acorn Education in October 2019 as Finance Manager. He has over eight years of experience working in non-profit organisations and in the private sector as a Finance Officer.

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  • Joram Chikwanda Data Analyst

    Joram is a Data Analyst at Acorn Education. He earned a Bachelor of Science Mathematics Honours Degree from Midlands State University.

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  • Sakeena Elloker Lead Instructional Teacher Coach

    Sakeena joined Acorn Education in 2017 as Lead Teacher Coach. Currently Sakeena manages and supports six instructional coaches across three schools.

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  • Celeste Abrahams Instructional Teacher Coach

    Celeste is a passionate and driven Foundation Phase Teacher Coach at Acorn Education. She joined the Acorn Education team in January 2018.

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  • Conrad Adendorff Instructional Teacher Coach

    Conrad Adendorff is a Teacher Coach at Acorn Education from August 2019 where he coaches teachers at Apex High School.

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  • Elmaree Adendorff Instructional Teacher Coach

    Elmaree is currently a Teacher Coach at Acorn Education across two schools. Elmaree holds a Master’s Degree in Education from Murdoch University from Melbourne, Australia.

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  • Wharda Chippendale-Dramat Instructional Teacher Coach

    Wharda joined Acorn Education in January 2019 as an Instructional Teacher Coach. She has thirteen years of experience in the education industry.

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  • Vanessa Bodrick Instructional Teacher Coach

    Vanessa’s teaching career spans over 32 years where she has served in the Primary and High School level as both teacher and Principal.

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