Support schools to become beacons of hope.

Mission, Value and Theory of Change

Our mission is to transform the lives of all of our learners by providing them with a high quality education to enable them to realise their full potential.


Our agility allows us to adapt and respond to what is most important at a specific time in order to achieve our mission.

ae-c‘Can Do’

Every member of our team is equipped with a “can do” attitude – enabling us to reach our own high expectations and those of our schools, teachers and learners.


We believe that a grateful mindset leads to an optimistic and favourable view of life.


Our journey will not be an easy one.  We are committed to persevere despite challenges that may arise.


Just like an acorn, if something is nurtured it has the potential to grow into something greater. We not only nurture our people but those who help our schools to grow.

Together, we can help every learner reach their full potential with a school that reaches their own.