Support schools to become beacons of hope.

Our Approach

As part of the public school partnership programme, Acorn Education provides all encompassing support to our schools. Support that includes all aspects of the day-to-day management from financial and operational matters to HR, ongoing leadership and educator development and constant learner enrichment.

The following are some of ways that we work to support our schools, improve our learners’ results and afford them the education they deserve.

We have High Expectations

Our schools have high expectations of our educators and learners. Through excellent lesson planning and preparation that meets the diverse needs of all our learners, we create classrooms that aim for a high quality of teaching and learning.

Extended School Days

We have extended school days at our schools so that our educators have more time in home language and maths with our learners. All learners benefit from this extra time to improve their performance.

Enrichment Programmes

Our schools benefit from enrichment programmes that strengthen our learners’ reading and maths skills. These enrichment programmes ensure our children build a strong foundation in core subjects to set them up for success later.

Holistic learner development

Where possible, we ensure that extra murals, sporting activities and counselling services are available to provide all-round development.

Educator CPD (Continuing Professional Development)

Leadership and educator development are at the core of our approach.
Providing instructional coaching and regular professional development to our educators ensures excellent learner results.

Data-Driven Instruction

We subscribe to a data driven instructional approach. We believe in systematically improving and tracking learning over the school year in order to base improvements and interventions on solid data. We collect this data through assessment, analysis, action and systems, and ensure school-wide support for each learner based on the outcome of their personal data. We place emphasis on learner progress and not only on learner attainment.