The TIMSS Report 2019

The Department of Basic Education has presented the latest findings of the Trends in International Mathematics and Science Study 2019 (TIMSS), showing how South African students compare to the rest of the world. TIMSS is an international assessment of the mathematics and science knowledge and ability of fourth and eighth grade learners around the world. A few countries, including South Africa, assess fifth and ninth grade learners. 39 countries took part of the assessment across the world.

Despite the grade advantage, the data shows that South African students consistently scored in the bottom three countries for a range of tests.

On page 8 of the TIMSS, Western Cape report the difference in achievement Quintile 5 schools and no-fee schools in South Africa:


“As expected, the differences in the material school and home conditions for learners attending feepaying and nofee schools leads to unequal achievements. The average mathematics and science scores for learners in fee paying and no fee schools were significantly different. The mathematics and science scores for learners in nofee schools is 396 points and 377 points respectively. Learners in feepaying schools score higher mathematics and science scores at 466 and 474 respectively. This means that the mathematics achievement gap was 70 points and the science achievement gap was 96 points”.
This is why Acorn Education exists. We are committed to closing this gap.

View the TIMSS report here. 

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