Wharda Chippendale-DramatInstructional Teacher Coach

Wharda joined Acorn Education in January 2019 as an Instructional Teacher Coach. She has thirteen years of experience in the education industry. She has worked as a teacher in the intermediate and senior phase where she taught various subjects across the grades. Wharda also served as a subject head as well as a mentor to student teachers. Prior to joining Acorn Education, Wharda was employed as a Curriculum Developer where she developed and designed an online English programme aimed at improving learners’ reading and comprehension skills.

Wharda is passionate about contributing to changing the quality of education in South Africa. She strongly believes that all learners, no matter their socio-economic background, deserve an opportunity for quality education. Wharda believes all teachers should educate learners in their classrooms as they’d expect their own children to be educated.

Wharda holds a Bachelor of Education degree and an Honours degree specialising in Education Management and Law from the University of South Africa.