Sakeena EllokerLead Instructional Teacher Coach

Sakeena joined Acorn Education in 2017 as Lead Teacher Coach. Currently Sakeena manages and supports six instructional coaches across three schools. Sakeena started her career as a High School teacher at Islamia College and was appointed as Deputy Principal of the girl’s college four years later. During her tenure  as Deputy, the school consistently experienced 100% matric pass rate.

Sakeena’s strong background in inclusive education saw Sakeena introducing more structured approaches to learner support, and the appointment of grade heads to assist learners on a one to one basis, as well as analysis of learner results and tracking learner progress. Her passion for education is demonstrated in her developing a myriad of skills around curriculum development, teacher upskilling and workshop facilitation. Her focus then developed around teacher training and she started lecturing didactics and educational psychology on a part-time basis at the University of the Western Cape.

Sakeena’s wide scope resulted in her appointment as curriculum developer for Islamia’s girl’s and boy’s college. An opportunity to support no fees school saw her accepting a post with 2 Oceans Education Foundation when the Collaboration School Pilot Project was launched. Sakeena holds a Master’s degree and Honours degree (Cum Laude) as well as Diploma in Education from the University of the Western Cape. She is the recipient of the Canon Collins Scholarship as well as the Mellon Graduate Scholarship.