Joram ChikwandaData Analyst

Joram is a Data Analyst at Acorn Education. He earned a Bachelor of Science Mathematics Honours Degree from Midlands State University. Joram has six years of experience as a High School Mathematics and Science teacher in Eastern Cape and KwaZulu Natal rural schools where he had the opportunity to promote confidence, stir thinking and awaken the dreams of many learners.

Joram has three years of experience in Monitoring, Evaluation and Reporting (ME&R) of PEPFAR programmes. He oversaw the implementation of the ME&R work plan, drove and sustained quality assurances in the collection of good quality data as well as analysed and provided critical interpretation of the data that allowed for the improvement of program implementation and management..

Joram is passionate about data-driven instruction (DDI) we subscribe to as an organisation and provides us with valuable analytical insights into learner performance and our improvement strategies across our schools.