Jandre BotesBlended Learning Specialist

Jandre Botes joined Acorn Education in May 2022 as a Blended Learning Specialist. In this role, he aims to ensure that online learning is not only possible for South African students but also that their overall learning experiences are improved.

After obtaining a BCom Honours in International Trade at the North West University cum laude in 2014, Jandre ventured into the world of teaching and learning. He started working in the public education sector, teaching English, Economics, and Business Studies for all high school grades in the brick-and-mortar environment before transitioning to the Cambridge curriculum, where he taught IGCSE and AS-Level Economics and Business Studies to international students in a blended environment.
During the COVID-19 pandemic, Jandre obtained experience in Learning Design, for the Pearson Edexcel curriculum, which
focused solely on online learning for international GSCE and AS-Level students.

Over the past 6 years, he has enjoyed working with and leading teachers; collaborating with subject matter experts and heads of departments; and engaging with external stakeholders to improve the learning experience in the online space.

It was during this time that he noticed that the gap in the learning experience for most South African students — not only between different curricula and learning platforms but also from one school to another — was significant and ever-increasing. Jandre believes that access to resources, information, and technologies are lacking in most South African schools, with only a handful of students having access to advanced learning tools and opportunities to further their education. It’s his goal, as a Blended Learning Specialist, to make online learning possible for students.