Elmaree AdendorffInstructional Teacher Coach

Elmaree is currently a Teacher Coach at Acorn Education across two schools. Elmaree holds a Master’s Degree in Education from Murdoch University from Melbourne, Australia. She is also a recipient of a Certificate of Distinction for Scholastic Achievement and a member of the Dean’s List.

Elmaree worked as a primary school teacher from 1992 in South Africa before embarking on her international education career in 2001. Initially she worked with Visiting International Faculty as an Exchange Educator in North Carolina, USA and then went onto work as a coach and mentor in a  Public Private Partnership with Nord Anglia in Abu Dhabi to support the education reform. Next she worked for Abu Dhabi Education Council as an education advisor and supported the English Language Subject Curriculum Design team. Elmaree also did quality assurance on the curriculum implementation and project management for the Resource Development of Department of Education and Knowledge in Abu Dhabi.

Prior to her joining Acorn Education as an Instructional Coach, Adendorff coached and mentored teachers, subject coordinators and school leaders on best practices and current trends in education. She also worked as an International Coach with the Literacy and Numeracy Coaching Program in CfBT, Brunei Darussalam.

Elmaree has a strong knowledge base of current pedagogical practices and is abreast with trends in education. She has developed and designed professional development tools for school teachers and leaders. Elmaree has the keen ability to promote, plan, implement and evaluate systems while using data to improve the performance. She has managed the processes and procedures for bespoke contextualized textbook development projects with publishers such as Macmillan and National Geographic.