Asked and Answered

How is Acorn Education part of the Collaboration Schools Partnership Programme? 

We’ve been part of the Collaboration Schools Partnership Programme since 2016 as a ‘school operating partner’ for several no-fee schools.

In practical terms, this means we – Acorn Education – support our schools to achieve high-quality education and are accountable to the WCED, parents, funders, and learners alike to deliver on our promised outcomes

How does Acorn Education support its schools? 

As an operational partner, we assist by providing school governance models and resources, educational development for educators, funding, Learning Management Systems (LMS) set up and maintenance for students, and operational support such as HR, administration, event organisation, and more.

What is a no-fee school? 

 At a no-fee school, fees (for tuition and admission) are abolished. This is done to improve the quality of public education for learners in communities that need it most. 

The schools we support are no-fee schools. You can read more about our partnership with the Western Cape Education Department (WCED) which makes the Collaboration Schools Pilot Programme possible.

Which schools does Acorn Education support? 

We’re incredibly proud to collaborate with Apex High School in Eersteriver, Cape Town. 

How do I apply for my child to attend one of Acorn’s partner schools? 

Thank you for being interested in joining the Acorn Education family! Please visit Apex High’s website to read their admission policy and access all relevant forms.  

What is the Teacher Internship Programme you run? 

In 2020, we launched our Teacher Internship Programme (TIP) to develop well-equipped, professional, and mission-aligned teachers. 

We realised many veteran educators spent their first days in classrooms riddled with worry. They didn’t always know how best to manage students or curriculum loads and although they’d all studied, didn’t feel confident striding into a classroom. It was from these confessions that TIP was born.  

We’re focused on providing teachers more classroom exposure before completing their degree, more tools and resources to succeed, and one-on-one coaching and mentorship. 

How do I apply for the Teacher Intern Programme?

We send an advert out on our Facebook and LinkedIn pages, when applications open each year. Please keep a lookout in November.