Our Approach

At Acorn Education we understand that learners will one day require skills that can’t be learned in a traditional classroom.

Our approach is based on equipping learners with 21st century skills that will help learners in the following fields:

  • Collaboration and teamwork
  • Creativity and imagination
  • Critical thinking
  • Problem solving

While these skills are critical for a child’s progression into adult life as well as the world at large, we know that there is no replacement for school foundations and fundamental learning. At Acorn Education we place a lot of importance on these key foundation focus areas that help to develop children’s minds:

Our approach focuses on the following key areas:

 High expectations

We believe that all children can learn and achieve. Research shows that the higher a teacher’s expectations, the harder a child works to meet these expectations. It is this understanding that drives us to ensure that a high level of both learning and achievement is positively enforced in every classroom. The drive for success has no ethnicity, gender, age or background, allowing anyone to realise their full potential.

 Literacy & numeracy focus

Acorn Education prioritises deep learning and focus on literacy and numeracy. Developing high levels of numeracy and literacy in learners  positively impacts their ’s overall academic performance. These core subjects support the development of critical thinking, creativity, communication, collaboration and problem solving skills.

 Data-driven instruction

We subscribe to a data driven instructional approach. We believe in systematically improving and tracking learning over the school year in order to base improvements and interventions on solid data. We collect this data through assessment, analysis, action and systems and ensure school-wide support for each learner based on the outcome of their personal data. We place emphasis on learner progress and not only on learner attainment.

 Whole-child approach

We focus on the child after school hours and not only in the classroom. This means we consider the influences of a learners’ attitude towards learning and school, alongside the decisions they make in and out of school. By introducing a more flexible curriculum that recognizes an environment other than a child’s academic one, we are able to better assess a child’s progress and requirements. This opens up a deeper understanding for children whose home lives create obstacles, such as traumatic events.

 Excellence in teaching & learning

At Acorn Collaboration Schools, focus is placed on continuous professional development of teachers through coaching and mentoring. Excellent teaching in the classroom lies at the heart of improving learner outcomes and learner achievement. Nurturing those in charge of molding learners’ minds will later improve learner outcomes and result in school-wide achievement.

Operations and governance

Acorn Education support our collaboration schools with back-office functions such as financial management, recruitment and procurement and play an active partner role in the governance of the school it partners with.

We come into schools and assess systems and management practices and suggest improvements where necessary. The focus of all Acorn management is a high standard of teaching in an effort to take a transformative step towards closing the gap on education inequality. Together, we can help every learner reach their full potential with a school that reaches their own.