Sakeena EllokerTeacher Coach

Sakeena is the Lead Teacher Coach at Acorn Education. She started her career as a High School teacher at Islamia College. Four years later, she was appointed as deputy principal of the girls’ college. During her tenure as deputy principal, the school consistently achieved a 100% matric (National Senior Certificate) pass rate. Sakeena introduced the concept of data driven instruction to the educators which included analysing learner results and consistently tracking learners’ progress.

She is passionate about improving our education system with a special focus on teacher training and development. After her years as deputy principal, Sakeena was a curriculum developer for Islamia’s girls and boys’ college before accepting a call to serve no-fee schools as part of Collaboration Schools Pilot Project when it was launched in 2015.

Sakeena holds a Master’s degree, Honours degree (Cum Laude) as well as Diploma in Education from the University of the Western Cape. She was also awarded the Canon Collins Scholarship as well as the Mellon Graduate Scholarship.